5 Metrics to Gauge Your Business Performance

5 Metrics to Gauge Your Business Performance

Sometimes, the most telling numbers in your business are not necessarily on the monthly reports. Although the foundation of your finances revolves around the balance sheet and income statement, there are a few numbers that, when known and tracked, can make a huge...
Do I Really Need 8 Bank Accounts?

Do I Really Need 8 Bank Accounts?

The short answer is no. The long answer is it depends, but definitely not right away. You may remember last month we told you we took many baby steps to make it where we are today with a total of 8 bank accounts. Today we want to explain why we have 8 accounts and how...

What’s Your DSO

If you grant credit to customers, then you have a balance in accounts receivable. DSO stands for Days Sales Outstanding, and this helps you measure how fast your receivables are being converted to cash. Here’s how to calculate it: DSO = Accounts receivable...

Better Budgeting Using QuickBooks Online Plus

Everyone groans when budget time rolls around. QuickBooks Online Plus offers tools that simplify the process.   Budget. The word evokes a sense of dread in most small business managers’ minds. Large corporations have entire teams of accountants that work on this...

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