It’s November. That means Thanksgiving in the United States and gratitude is everywhere this month.

But it shouldn’t just be November.

How do you live gratefully year-round?

It is one of the most effective and efficient ways to increase anything; be truly grateful for what you have and more will come to you: happiness, love, family, health, business!

This struck me deeply recently when I received a note back from a new client. As some of you know, when you become one of our clients, you receive a handwritten thank you note. I’m not writing this to toot our own horn and probably would be using a different example except that I know how much it is appreciated because our newest client told us so. He just wrote, “I just received your card in today’s mail. And I wanted to say THANK YOU. Hand written notes are rare and something I’m grateful for.” And all it took was 5 minutes of my time.

Your members will feel the same.

So simple. So rare. So effective.

How do you make this most effective? Create a system around it. This isn’t to minimize the sentiment but to ensure gratitude is remembered all year and shown at the appropriate times. Do you know members birthdays, anniversaries, rejoin dates and notice when they are missing from your facility for any length of time? If so, what is the system to make them aware you are missing them and grateful for them?

One of our clients incorporates “out of the blue” gratitude into his monthly staff meetings. They take 10 minutes each month for each staff member to write 3 handwritten cards to appreciate their clients. That is a meaningful system. And any well-done system will also increase your profitability.

Finally, I want to give some credit to my daughter for the topic of this article. I haphazardly asked her, “What should I write about?” She replied, “Me!” And I started thinking, “How am I going to do that?” Then, later that day, as we were going through our normal routine, it came to me. Every day I ask each of my children to name three “gratefuls” and I share some of mine with them. Do you need an accountability partner to make this one of your habits? If so, Lewis Howes, author of School of Greatness suggests asking the person you last say good night to every night for their list of three things for which they are grateful and then sharing yours with them. What a restorative, blessed way to end your day? Not just the 30 days of November, but every. single. day. you wake up with a pulse, you have something for which to be grateful. Share it and start blessing others, too!

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