Last month we talked about how your Profit First Professional (PFP) is the “physical trainer” for your business. We talked about how they are able to answer questions on your Profit Assessment, calculating and helping you make your allocations on the 10th and 25th of each month and they help you resist the urge to “borrow” from your Profit and/or Tax accounts to cover expenses. All of these are good reasons to have a PFP working as your partner, but there are some even more important reasons.

For example, you may tell your physical trainer that you really want to work on your upper body, but they gently remind you that while upper body work is fine, the beer belly is also an area that you need to address as well. Just like the physical trainer who is a fresh set of eyes watching to help you see problem areas in your physical health, the PFP is someone who comes to your business with the ability to review your business activities from a different point of view.

Your PFP is also a great resource in helping you find those expenses on your Profit/Loss Report that are out of line and causing your business to be unhealthy. They can see the items that are not directly contributing to your profitability and help you decide how to revise or eliminate them to enable you to make your business more efficient and profitable without causing great upset.

Lastly, your PFP becomes your partner through the whole experience. They are familiar with the challenges faced by businesses like yours. They have helped others deal with the issues that you are working on in your business. Not only that, they have access to a community of well-trained PFPs who can offer other insight and experience to add to the solutions offered by your PFP.

When starting an exercise routine to help improve your health and build a better body, you can do that on your own, but we all know that you will have a greater chance for success if you partner with a good physical trainer. The same is true for making your business healthier through use of the Profit First system. You can do it on your own, and some business owners do, but you’re much more likely to succeed by partnering with a PFP. Why would you not?

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