Hiring a new employee is a big accomplishment in any small business, and there are a lot of steps involved, too. Here’s a handy checklist to help you stay organized when you bring that new hire on board.

First things first, the legal and accounting items:

·   Signed employment agreement, typically an offer letter. There may also be a supplemental agreement outlining employee policies.
·   Payroll documents include:
          o   IRS form W-4
          o   Form I-9
          o   Copy of employee’s government-issued ID
·   Most states require a new hire report to be filed; sometimes your payroll system vendor will automatically file this for you.
·   Notify your workers comp insurance carrier.

Next, it’s time for employee benefits enrollment:

·   Health insurance
·   401K
·   Any other benefits you provide
·   Provide the employee with the holiday schedule
·   Explain their PTO and vacation if not already explained in the offer letter

Set your new employee up for success with the right equipment:

·   Uniform
·   Equipment
·   Coffee mug, Water bottle
·   Locker space
·   Facility access, parking assignment
·   Desk space and computer access
·   Office supplies
·   Other supplies

Your new employee may need access to your computer software systems:

·   Employee email address
·   Any new user IDs and password for all the systems they will need to access
·   Document access

How will your new employee learn the ropes?

·   Set up training
·   Assign a buddy

Hopefully, this list will give you a start toward making your employee onboarding process a little smoother.  And if we can help with any additional questions, please contact us at any time.

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